Mobile Network Quality


Business Consultancy: Key competencies

MAIN DIRECTION: enhance the efficacy of customers business processes by improving the quality of existing data, as well as enriching data from outer sources.

  • Identification of the customer’s major business processes that directly depend on the quality of data and its regular updating and enhancing
  • Study of the customer’s existing data and technologies
  • In-depth analytical cooperation with the client on the basis of industrial expertise
  • Detection of “gaps” in current data
  • Looking for sources of information to fill in the data “gaps” by its enriching, enhancement and quality improvement
  • Interaction with data providers
  • Collection of necessary data taking into consideration the current legislation
  • Retrieve useful information from the huge body of heterogeneous data
  • Form sets of data required for further use in the solutions of the customer’s business tasks

Principles of business analytical solutions’ development

Business Consultancy: Case Studies using Geo Data