Mobile Network Quality


What is “Mobile Network Quality Analytics” for

Use of “Mobile Network Quality Analytics” service will help mobile operators increase the efficiency of marketing and technical services,
clients department work, provide easy access to information about cellular network to managers of various levels.

Marketing department

  • Have direct access to information about cellular network functioning
  • Quickly get information about network functioning in different regions
  • Conduct comparisons with competitors
  • Plan development

Corporate clients department

  • Assess cellular network quality, available to subscribers and corporate clients
  • Plan to attract new customers based on network quality
  • Objectively evaluate the cellular network quality from existing customers

Technical Service

  • Reduce time to search, plan and enter new base stations
  • Reduce the amount of drive tests performed
  • Prioritize and speed up the resolution of incidents

Improve Customer Loyalty

“Building” data granularity
Customer complaints analysis
Data Provision for Call-Center
NPS analytics