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About InfoNet

Leading innovative company in the field of Data Science

  • Integration of data sources
  • Mathematical statistical & predictive data analysis
  • Data enrichment
  • Data mining

Company Highlights

Proven & ongoing success in large scale municipal data projects *
Vast experience working with leading mobile operators
Development of innovative Proprietary Algorithms in the field of data science
Clear focus on costumers' needs and business goals
In depth knowledge of relevant legislative issues
* Provision of data and additional analytics based on data for 50 different business processes in the Moscow government departments on a regular basis

Team And Management

Sergey Avetisyan


20 years’ experience in senior position in the telecommunications market.

Extensive practical experience in developing and implementing effective strategies.

Significant management experience in dealing with all issues relating to government regulation.

Leadership of major projects from the concept to market.

Elena Elnikova


15 years’ experience in IT, from the database developer-specialist to the head of IT department.

Successful leadership of large teams.

Development of a range of various systems from E2E system to business decision-making systems.

Experience in building both data warehouses and OLTP systems in telecom.

Alexander Dyakonov

Head of the Mathematical
Predictive Modeling Department

Besides leading the mathematical predictive modeling in InfoNet, Dyakonov is also the head of Mathematical Methods of Forecasting academic department of VMC Faculty at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

He is a senior researcher at the Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 2012, A.Dyakonov was acknowledged as the world's first ranked specialist in applied data analysis, and also being in TOP-10 applied data analysts for the last 5 years (based on


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